Products for LEOs, 1st Responders, & concealed carry!

How We Got Started

I created the LEO pouch out of self need.  In other words, I realized there was no product on the market to be worn on the belt that was lightweight (weighs less than 2 oz), concealable, flexible, and snug.  As a result, the LEO pouch was created for the Special Agent, detective or the plain clothed officer in mind. So whether you are a Detective, a Special Agent, an investigator, or a gun carrying civilian this pouch is a must. 

For civilians you can carry a smartphone instead of the handcuffs in the pouch or carry a pen instead of a handcuff key. Just examples of its versatility.

Our MOTTO is simple: "Everything we sell we wear and use ourself!"

The LEO pouch is proudly Made in the USA and has been Patented by the US Patent Office! 

Stay Safe,