Products for LEOs, 1st Responders, & concealed carry!

Welcome to! Unique products created by an L.E.O. for L.E.O.s & civilians who carry! No more excuses NOT to carry!

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You will find quality products MADE IN USA for LEOs & gun carrying civilians for today's high risk environment! 4LEO products are adaptable, fitting a 9mm, 40 or 45 caliber magazine. Products are light weight,  concealable, & flexible enough to contour to your body even as you sit in tight spaces. Ladies, the LEO pouch is slim and can be placed inside your purse. All products are available for Left and right handed carry!  Help us spread the word & follow us on Instagram (4leosdotcom) or like us on Facebook!

We are honored to announce the LEO pouch is being worn by LEO's all over the United States!

 As of October 2016 the LEO Pouch is Patented by the US Patent Office! OOHRAH!!

Stay Safe & Thank You for protecting America,

We support F.L.E.O.A., PBA, FOP, the 2nd Amendment & Law Enforcement Exploring!!!